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Children's Sign Choir.


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The road you choose will answer that question.

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Sunday morning 10:30 a.m.
at 2019 Broad Ave., Findlay

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Welcome to CrossPoint Church

Christianity is as relevant today as ever.  God intends his Church to be the agent for communicating His message of love and hope to today’s world.  Our goal is to do our part of that effectively.

Life experience has taught us that the good news of Christ is life-changing.  Therefore, we want to share that message with others who have not experienced God in a positive way.  In a society where change is out of control, our vision is to be a church that meets that challenge head-on with a message that never changes and gives life and hope to real people in the real world.

CrossPoint has always strived to be a safe place to try God.  That means we want everybody to feel welcomed.  We believe a visitor should not be made to feel uncomfortable by the people in the church.  We are all on this “journey of life” together.  To that end, we offer a relaxed worship atmosphere.

We can’t promise that God is safe…He works differently in everyone’s life.  However, we do offer a safe setting as you find out who God is and what He has to say to you.

Whether you are looking for:

  • A new start
  • Ways to grow in your new walk
  • The continuance an old journey
  • Just a place to explore

We want to help you take the next step in your God journey.

Come visit us.  You are welcome just like you are!